The impact of tech on the wellbeing of online business owners, remote workers or virtual teams

The impact of tech during the global pandemic has been unprecedented. I’m not going to talk to you about the future. The future is happening now. Thanks to the pandemic, there have been two years of tech growth in two months as more people are now using tech for an everyday thing from ordering food, working in teams, homeschooling children and keeping up to date with family and friends. This is our new normal.

Does technology hinder your mental health by introducing more distractions and stress in your online business?

I will focus on the accelerated use of technology and…

I polled people in my Instagram Stories, Obvi, and SOOOO many already have hesitation and reservations about using LinkedIn Stories.

And so thanks to Instagram Stories, I know what you may be already thinking …

“Another platform for me to learn.”

“I do not have time for this”

“Like, does Linkedin even really need this?” (* insert eye roll*)

What I have learnt from my years in digital marketing is that early adaptors win!!! So if you are already doing the damn thing on Instagram and Facebook Stories, you will win on Linkedin Stories.

And if you are not doing…

Want to know the most frustrating yet most liberating concept in digital wellness as an online business owner? Well, I don’t either, but I did come up with seven of them. Here, I share seven lessons learnt over the last 10-weeks learning from the world’s best digital wellness experts.

These revelations all come as I am about to complete my Digital Wellness Certificate and these questions all started with the desire to understand how technology influences our behaviour online and IRL (In Real Life).

I joined the Digital Wellness Certificate Program to learn how our increased technology usage impacts our…

Chido Samantha Mbavarira

Online Business Strategist exploring #Mindful #DigitalWellness. Plant Mom and Trello Slayer by day and being human at night.

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